Why a Fujitsu Heat Pump?

  • Fujitsu has more energy efficient heat pumps.
  • Fujitsu has New Zealand's quietest heat pump.
  • Compact and streamlined inside and outside units.
  • New Zealand's first Energy Star Rated ducted system.
  • 40 years of producing heat pumps.
  • Variety of models which include the following features:
    • Self cleaning filters
    • Quieter than a whisper
    • Human Sensor
    • Set and forget 7 day timer
    • Asthma New Zealand approved filters
    • Compact outside units protected with corrosion resistant material

New Zealand's Heat Pump Specialists

Fujitsu has specialised in designing and producing Heat Pumps for well over 40 years. 

Fujitsu's advanced models are engineered to fit seamlessly into your home lifestyle, starting with a comprehensive range that will suit all Kiwi homes. You will find compact designs, healthy air features, leading energy savings and whisper quiet operation. In fact, you’ll hardly notice your new heat pump is there – except for a warmer, healthier and more comfortable home environment.

More Energy Star®Heat Pumps Than Any Other Brand

Fujitsu’s range is totally comprehensive – in fact we have many more Energy Star® qualified heat pumps than any other brand. That means Fujitsu have the right energy efficient model for your home, wherever you live in New Zealand.  

Fujitsu has New Zealand's first Energy Star® rated ducted system.

Better Heat Efficiency

With the increasing cost of power it’s becoming more and more important to reduce energy consumption in the home. You already know that heat pumps are the most energy efficient form of heating, but did you know that Fujitsu leads the way with unique energy saving features ensuring you will receive the best possible economy across a wider range of models – often delivering over 4 times the heat for the amount of energy used. That will save your power bills!

Lower Running Costs

Fujitsu’s DC and Inverter technologies have more power savings than ever before.   The savings on heating are significant, for example, the ASTG09 Compact Hi-Wall delivers up to 4.66kW of heat for every kW of power you use.

In addition, Fujitsu has extra power saving features, for even more economical running. That’s why we have more Energy Star® qualified heat pumps than any other brand.

A Fresher Healthier Home

Fujitsu are leaders in air purifying and deodorising filters that absorb minute dust particles, invisible mould spores, pollen and other harmful micro organisms, to give you a healthier home environment. In fact, Fujitsu is the only heat pump company to be recommended by Asthma New Zealand.

"Fujitsu is the
only heat pump brand
recommended by
Asthma New Zealand"

Just Quietly

Brilliant fan technology plus ‘quiet mode’ means noise is never an issue with Fujitsu. Compare our decibel levels, and you’ll see that even our larger models are whisper quiet. Quietness is a Fujitsu fact – not just an advertising claim.

"Quietness is a Fujitsu fact – not just an advertising claim."

Compact Outside Units With Blue Fin Heat Exchanger

Fujitsu’s outside units are more compact, with low operating noise from the efficient airflow structure.

Importantly, Fujitsu outside unit heat exchanger fins are also specially coated with Cobalt Blue – to help protect against corrosion and enhance the durability as well as extend the performance life of your Fujitsu heat pump.

Performance Guarantee

Fujitsu are so confident that you will be delighted with your new Fujitsu, that the Abode can offer you a written Performance Guarantee. This is additional to your equipment warranty - and is your assurance that the new Fujitsu Heat Pump specified for your home will deliver on its promised performance for heating and cooling.

Accredited Consultants

Fujitsu is the only company in New Zealand that runs the respected Accreditation Programme for independent heat pump consultants and installers.

To achieve Accreditation, the tradesman must satisfy Fujitsu that they have the experience, skill and equipment to recommend and install your new heat pump in accordance with the manufacturer requirements, applying sound, professional trade practices.

This means that when you use an installer, like Abode, who has achieved our accreditation standards to install a Fujitsu heat pump, you will have the services of a real professional, and we will also give you a 6 year full parts and labour warranty – New Zealand’s longest.


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