HB Regional Council

Abode are approved 
HeatSmart Providers
for both Heating 
and Insulation 

Hawke's Bay Regional Council’s Heat Smart Programme aims to help you get a warmer, healthier home, while reducing harmful emissions into our environment.  The Programme offers loans and grants towards insulation and clean heating:

  • Loans for the cost of the insulation with fixed interest of 6.5%pa over 10 years, loan minimum $1,000, maximum $4,500, and 
  • Subsidised loans for the cost of new heating appliances with fixed interest of 3.5%pa over 10 years, minimum loan $1,000, maximum $4,500, OR
  • Heat grants of $700.


$700 Grants or
Loans from 3.5%pa
over ten years    


  • Applications must be through an approved provider, such as Abode Heating & Insulation.
  • For Heat Grant or Heat Loan an existing non-compliant woodburner or open fire must be removed or the chimney capped and the house is situated in an eligible airshed*.

An airshed is usually an urban/built up area, the best way to determine whether you are in an airshed or not is to look at your Regional Council rates bill, if you are paying the Clean Heat targeted Rate (Code19) levy, then you are in the airshed.  Alternatively, download the below map.



Open Fires:  
Prohibited from use from 1 January 2012,

Woodburners installed pre 1996
Prohibited from use after 1 January 2014 

Woodburners installed between 1 January 1996 and 31 August 2005: 
Prohibited from use after 1 January 2016.

With effect from January 2012 if your property is less than 2 hectares in size and located within Airzone 1 of the Napier or Hastings Airshed, then any non-compliant woodburner or open fire is prohibited from use after ownership of the property is transferred. 

If your woodburner is not on the list on the link below then it is most likely prohibited from use. 


Click below to see if you are in the Airshed

Airshed Map Hastings

Airshed Map Napier

Contact Abode Heating & Insulation for further information or refer to www.hbrc.govt.nz

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