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The Hawkes Bay Regional Council is offering Grants and Loans to eligible ratepayers through their HeatSmart Programme and the NEW Sustainable Homes Programme.

Abode Heating & Insulation are approved HeatSmart & Sustainable Home Loan Providers.  We are one of the Council's top providers of these loans.  We make it is easy as possible for you to apply for Grants/Loans as we will complete and send all the necessary paperwork to you to finalise.



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•  Clean Heating 

The HeatSmart Programme aims to help ratepayers get a warmer and healthier home, while reducing harmful emissions into the environment. The Programme offers a loan or grant towards the cost of a replacement clean heating appliance where a non-compliant woodburner has been removed within an eligible Airzone (see Eligibiliy section below).

Funding Available

Eligible ratepayers can apply for either:

  • Subsidised Loan for the cost of new clean heating appliance with fixed interest of 3%p.a. over 10 years, minimum loan 
    $1,000, maximum $4,500, OR
  • Heat Grant of $700.

Note: Cannot get both the Subsidised Loan and Heat Grant.  
Limited to one application per address. 

The loan is flexible and can be paid back sooner without penalty or hidden fees.


  • Applications must be through an Approved Provider, such as Abode Heating & Insulation.
  • For Heat Grant or Heat Loan an existing non-compliant woodburner or open fire must be removed or the 
    chimney capped AND the house is situated in an eligible Airzone*.

*An Airzone is usually an urban/built up area.  The best way to determine whether you are in an Airzone or not is to look at your Regional Council rates bill - if you are paying the Clean Heat Targeted Rate Levy (Code 19), then you are in the Airzone 1 (Red).  Alternatively, download the relevant map from the link below.  If your address is in a blue or red area then your address qualifies for the loan or grant.


Click below to see if you are in an eligible Airzone:

Airshed Map Hastings

Airshed Map Napier

The Sustainable Homes Programme offers homeowners throughout Hawke's Bay an opportunity to improve the health of their homes – by offering loans to install clean heating, ventilation systems, insulation, solar power systems, double glazing, water storage and septic tanks.

Funding Available

Eligible ratepayers can borrow up to $20,000 at 6%p.a. from the HB Regional Council and repay this over 10 years by way of a minimum monthly repayment.

The loan is flexible and can be paid back sooner without penalty or hidden fees.


  • Applications must be through an Approved Provider, such as Abode Heating & Insulation.
  • Your house must be adequately insulated.

Your address does not need to be in Airzones 1 (Red) or 2 (Blue) and you do not need to be replacing a non-complaint woodburner.



Open Fires: House sold prior to 1 January 2012: Woodburners installed pre 1996:   Woodburners 
installed between 
1 January 1996 and 31 August 2005:
Prohibited from use from 1 January 2012, With effect from January 2012 if your property is less than 2 hectares in size and located within Airzone 1 of the Napier or Hastings Airshed, then any non-compliant woodburner or open fire is prohibited from use after ownership of the property is transferred Prohibited from use after 1 January 2014  Prohibited from use after 1 January 2016. If your woodburner is not on the    Authorised Woodburner List then it is most likely prohibited from use.


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