Heat Transfer Systems

Is your lounge hot but the rest of your house is not?

HeatTrans systems utilise your excess heat by transferring it from your lounge, and distributing it to other rooms in your home. This enables you to ‘take the chill off’ your bedrooms and create a warm comfortable environment for your family. 

"Helps reduce 
moisture and mould."

Benefits of HeatTrans

  • Superior fans high quality multi-speed fans for optimum airflow ventilation in the home that cost as little as a light bulb (between 38W and 120W) to run. 
  • Acoustic insulated ducting means whisper quiet airflow and bettter temerature retention.
  • Adjustable diffusers to balance airflow into each room.
  • Extra Summer feature allows fresher cooler air into your home in summer.
  • The Ultecon digital thermostat controller measures and displays the temperature of your lounge and lets you preset your preferred room temperature. 

"Reuse the heat you
have already paid for sitting at the ceiling to warm the rest of your home"

How the Heat Transfer Works in your Home


FIRST: Excess heat from your heat source will rise to ceiling level.

THEN: The excess heat can be transferred to other rooms using a fan and  acoustic insulated ducting.


THEN: Natural 
recirculation occurs, resulting in a continual movement of warm air through the home, helping to reduce mould & mildew.

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