Why Choose an Hitachi Heat Pump?

  • Hitachi have 50 years of temperature control experience.
  • All Hitachi heat pumps have a 6 year warranty.
  • Hitachi heat pumps deactivates 99% of bacteria in 24 hours.
  • Features:
    • Wall to wall comfort with parallel and symmetry swings options.
    • Long air flow reach up to 11 metres.
    • Fuzzy logic control.
    • Low starting current and auto restart.

Save Power, Save Money

Installing a Hitachi heat pump means no more heat going up the chimney, and no more cluttering up your home with a host of power hungry appliances. What is more, our heat pumps disperse warm or cool air throughout your room, unlike traditional radiators.


The Efficiency Graph shows how effective
Hitachi heat pumps are compared to other 
heating methods.

High Energy Efficiency 

This logo is awarded to appliances that are among the most energy efficient on the market in their class at the time of testing, Hitachi heat pumps have rated well with their Energy Star Ratings.  

Hitachi are so confident in the performance of their heat pumps, that the Abode can offer you a written Performance Guarantee. This is additional to your equipment warranty - and is your assurance that the new Fujitsu Heat Pump specified for your home will deliver on its promised performance for heating and cooling.

Outdoor Durability

With its special anti-corrosion “green” coating, the Green Fin Condenser lasts up to three times as long as standard types. This coating on the outdoor heat exchanger assures better performance and improves durability even in tough conditions such as those in coastal areas.

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