Why Choose a Hitachi Heat Pump?

  • LONGEVITY - Hitachi have over 60 years of experience in designing temperature control.
  • INNOVATION - By investing heavily in research and development, Hitachi has been able to remain at the forefront of the industry with the most extensive range available in the market today.
  • CONFIDENCE - Hitachi offers New Zealand's longest manufacturer's warranty of 6 years, most heat pump suppliers offer 5 year warranties.  
  • GUARANTEE - Hitachi offers the Comfort Guarantee.
  • PROVEN -
    • Hitachi have heat pumps with 5.5 out of 6 energy star ratings in both heating and cooling.
    • Hitachi have Consumer Recommended heat pumps.
    • Hitachi have heat pumps on the Government's Energywise Recommended Heat Pump List.
  • ADVANCED - Hitachi offers modern features which rival it's competitors.
  • EASY CARE - 
    • Hitachi Nano Titanium pre-filter and Nano Titanium Wasabi air purifying filter deactivates up to 99% of 
      bacteria in 24 hours.
    • Hitachi outside unit anti-corrosion “green” coating, the Green Fin Condenser lasts up to three times as long as standard types.
  • UNOBTRUSIVE - Hitachi have a range of units to suit your interior aesthetic, have directional airflow options and are whisper quiet.


Hitachi have heat pumps systems to meet all home heating and cooling demands.  With wall mounted, floor mounted, multi-room and ducted systems available.  Contact Abode Heating & Insulation to provide a free no obligation assessment of which system would best suit your home.


  • Built-in Motion Sensor
  • Motion Detect Eco Mode.
  • Leave Home Function.
  • Tracing Power Consumption.
  • Multi Unit Control.
  • Premium Wireless Controller.
  • Hi-Kumo WiFi Control.
  • Operational from Smartphone.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Programmable timers.
  • Eco mode.
  • Holiday function.
  • Optional Controllers - remote, wired, blacklit wired.


  • 4 way auto directional 3D air swing.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Ultra Low Standby Power.
  • Auto restart after power interruption.
  • Long air flow reach, up to 11 metres.
  • Powerful mode - 20 minutes continuous operation at maximum airflow and power.

*Note: Not all features/functions are available on all models.

5.5 out of 6 Energy Star Rated

While heat pumps are the most efficient way of using electricity to heat your home, some are more efficient than others.

All heat pumps have an energy rating label which helps you compare the efficiency of similar sized models. The more stars, the more energy efficient a unit is. The red stars are for heating efficiency and the blue stars are for cooling efficiency.

The RAS-S25YHA S Series Hi-wall has received a 5.5 out of 6 energy star rating for heating and cooling. The RAS-S35YHA S Series Hi-wall received a 5 star heating energy rating.

Our most popular Hitachi heat pump models are on the Energywise Recommended Heat Pumps List.  

Lower Running Costs

Hitachi DC Inverter compressor offers improved performance during periods of extended opteration.  It also features a split rotor with displaced electrical poles, enabling the suppression of electromagnetic noise.  Low-speed performance characteristics have also been improved leading to significant reduction in annual running costs. Coupled with the new super-efficient thermodynamic system using R32 refrigerant, the savings on heating are significant, for example, the RAS-S25YHA S Series Hi-Wall delivers up to $5.10 of cooling and $5.20 of heating for every $1.00 spent on power.

In addition, Hitachi has extra power saving functions, for even more economical running. 

Outdoor Durability

With its special anti-corrosion “green” coating, the Green
Fin Condenser lasts up to three times as long as standard
types. This coating on the outdoor heat exchanger assures
better performance and improves durability even in tough
conditions such as those in coastal areas.

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