Abode Heating & Insulation supplies and installs insulation in the home to the highest standard and in accordance with best practice.  Contact us for a home assessment.


Why Insulate? 

Heating the home is more efficient

  • Savings on your heating bill.

  • Reduction in heat loss.

  • Increased coverage of area heated.

 Healthier home 

  • Reduction in condensation and mould in the home.

  • Less sickness and doctor visits.

 Adding value to your home

  • Insulation is in the top three requirements for new homebuyers and tenants.

  • Your home is generally the most expensive asset we will ever own, insulating your home is investing in its longevity.

Insulation products

What is important to note is the “R value” of the insulation product.  All insulation products have one.  The higher the R value the more effective the product is at insulating.  For example a R1.8 product is 28% more effective than a R1.4 product.




Ceiling Insulation

In the ceiling we can use either a glasswool or polyester insulation product.  Both of these products carry a 50 year warranty.

Underfloor Insulation

Under wooden floors we use a insulation blanket which is slightly wider than the joists and sits flush under the floorboards and is firmly stapled to the sides of the floor joists.  

Although we can install the minimum required underfloor insulation of R1.4, we recommend installing a higher R value of R1.8 as we believe - "Do it once do it well".

"Do it once
do it well"

Below is a diagram of where the insulation
is fixed under the subfloor of your house. 




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