Why Metrofires?

  • Leading innovation and design.
  • New Zealands #1 selling woodfire.
  • Large variety of models to choose from with modern and classic styles.
  • LTD models have burn through the night capability.


Metro's Eco Flue System

Metro offers a superior flue system, providing up to 40% greater efficiency of your woodfire.

Metro has spent years of development and testing to deliver the best performance and efficiency from a flue system.

• No heat loss within your home and reduced fuel consumption
• Increased draw and enhanced performance with the ECO cowl
• Optional stainless steel liners for extra corrosion resistance in coastal areas

To get the best from your wood fire and maintain the heat it produces in your home, request an ECO Flue System is installed with your Metro. A winning combination to keep your home warm for many years to come.

Peak Performance - Maintain a warm home with no heat loss and reduce fuel consumption

Metro ECO Base Flue System

With an ECO Base Flue System, the cooling air required by the flue system is drawn from either the ceiling cavity, or outside your home. The ECO Base Flue System reduces your fuel consumption and ensures the heat produced by your Metro wood fire stays within your home. The energy savings achieved by the ECO Base Flue System are impressive. Lab testing of a conventional flue system resulted in the heated air produced by a wood fire being drawn out of the home at an astounding rate of 450 litres per minute.

Conventional Flue Systems

A conventional flue system draws air from the room to keep itself cool. This results in the heated air from your wood fire being drawn out of your home. This heated air is then replaced with cold outside air drawn back into your home. On a cold winter’s night this hugely inefficient system can empty an average sized room once every hour of potentially 28ºC air. It replaces it with the outside air which in some regions can be below zero.

Metro ECO Option Kit

The ECO Option Kit is designed to be installed in combination with the ECO Flue System. The ECO Option Kit enables homes without a vented ceiling cavity, or a sloping ceiling, to still achieve the same performance and efficiency benefits the ECO Flue System provides.

Metro’s ECO Cowl

Operating on a vertical discharge principal, the ECO Cowl induces updraft to the flue gases and increases draw within the fluepipe. Standard with every ECO Base Flue System, the ECO Cowl ensures the best performance and efficiency possible from your Metro wood fire.


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