Insulation Subsidies

Grants are available through Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA)
Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes Programme for ceiling and underfloor
insulation for rental properties occupied by low-income tenants.

Recent changes to the Residential Tenancy Act place strict insulation requirements on landlords.
By 1 July 2019 all rental properties must have ceiling and underfloor insulation meeting a set standard,
where reasonably practicable.

If your rental property is occupied by low-income tenants, you may qualify for a grant of up to 50%
of the cost through Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes. There are a limited number government
grants available on a first come first served basis of 50% of the cost of the insulation if you meet the
following criteria.

Criteria for insulation funding

Your rental property may be eligible for funding if you meet the following criteria:

Type of property

Applicant must own a rental property built before the year 2000.

Property must be tenanted and built before the year 2000.


Named tenant must have a Community Services Card.

Community Services Cardholder must be a named tenant on Tenancy Agreement.

Programme may also accept tenants from low-income households with referral for health conditions related to cold, damp housing.

Tenants referred from a health practitioner for respiratory conditions and with an income no greater than $20,000pa above the CSC income threshold.


Maximum cost to Landlord is 50% of the cost of the insulation supply and install.

The Landlord's' cost may be borrowed from Hawkes Bay Regional Council (See Other Payment Options below).

Subsidies to cover remainder of cost not paid by Landlord.

Subsides covered by EECA and other related third parties, when the job is completed by Abode Heating & Insulation.

No charge to tenant.

How to apply for insulation funding

Abode Heating & Insulation is the approved EECA Insulation Provider for Hawkes Bay. Simply contact us and we will check your eligibility, assess the property, supply a quote and if you are happy with that, insulate your property and apply for the funding on your behalf.

Other Payment Options

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council HeatSmart Programme provides loans for ratepayers for the whole of the Hawkes Bay area who chose to insulate properties.  Loans are over 10 years with a fixed interest of 5.0%pa, loan minimum $1,000 and maximum $4,500. See HBRC Heat Grant & Loan for more information.

Don't Qualify?

Abode Heating & Insulation can still supply a competitive quote to insulate your property.


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