Pellet Fires

Did you know that the number one heating source in the US are pellet fires?  This is the future of heating for your home. 

Wood pellet fires look similar to conventional wood fires (either freestanding or insert), but they offer a lot more control over how much heat is produced and when. They are a very environmentally friendly and clean burning heating option.  They ignite at the push of a button and there is no need to cut and cart wood.   

 Abode's wood pellet fires are imported from Europe and Canada, so we have the latest in international designs and technology.



Benefits of pellet burners

  • Pellet burners have low emissions and provide convenient, easily controllable heating. 
  • Most units have a remote control, thermostat and can be timer controlled.
  • Most models have a fan built in to better distribute heat around the room.
  • The pellets are made from 100% wood residues (sawdust and wood shavings) a by-product of forestry.
  • The controlled density and moisture level of wood pellets means that they burn with more consistency and lower emissions than logs.
  • Burning wood from sustainable forests is carbon neutral. While trees are growing, they capture carbon dioxide from the air. This carbon dioxide is released either when the wood is burnt, or when the tree dies and rots. While some emissions are produced in the transporting and processing of the wood, this is only a very small amount per unit of heat.
  • Wood is renewable and sustainable. New Zealand has extensive areas of forestry.
  • Some wood pellet burners can be fitted with a wet back to heat water as well.
  • Low emission pellet burners are allowed in some areas where new wood burners are not allowed in houses that haven't had a wood burner before. 


 Running costs

To get a good price, consider buying a year’s worth of pellets.

Rule of thumb
The dollar cost of a 20kg bag of pellets roughly equals the running cost in cents per kWh. For example a 20kg bag of pellets at $12 a bag will give you heating at 12c per kWh; a $15 bag would work out at 15c per kWh.

If you can source pellets from the mill at $450 per tonne (the equivalent of $9 per bag), running costs are 9 cents per kWh.



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