Woodfire Accessories

Contact us for all your Metro, Kent and Firenzo spare parts and accessories.  From replacement baffles and firebricks to child guards and tool sets.  We can have them couriered directly to your home.


Fire Cement
A black silica cement formulation designed specifically for sealing joints in solid fuel appliances and flue systems. Easy clean up in water. Available in both 70ml tubes and 300ml cartridges.

High Temperature Paint
Paint is a premium high temperature coating manufactured in the USA. Pioneer paint is ideal for re-vitalising any of the radiant wood fires, and flue pipes. It is suitable for most high temperature paint finished fires, and will have them looking like new in no time.

Flashrites & Versatiles
Made from UV resistant EPDM these flashings are visually appealing due to their low profile design. The flashrite incorporates an aluminium support ring while the Versatiles are available with either lead or aluminium soaker plates pre-fitted as illustrated.

Replacement Fire Bricks & Wood Fire Baffles
Abode offer a “cut to order” service through its retailer network enabling the supply of composite bricks and baffles cut to any size or shape. This composite material is made from compressed calcium silicate which can easily sustain the extreme temperatures attained inside a wood fire firebox. Available in 15mm and 20mm thicknesses, these bricks are ideal for most fires and very popular for older model fires when parts for that brand may no longer be available.

Replacement Door Componentary
From the glass, handles, latches, insulating materials, for a wide range of woodfires, recent and old.

Smoke Detectors
Abode offer two types of smoke detectors, being photoelectric and ionisation. Photoelectric smoke detectors are less likely to false alarm, and are suitable for kitchen and bathroom areas, whereas ionisation smoke detectors are more sensitive and are more suitable throughout the rest of the home.

Firetool Set
The Metro Firetool set is a collection of purpose designed tools to provide a contemporary solution to fireplace maintenance. Includes brush, shovel, poker and tongs.

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